Vim Lemon Long Bar, 285gm

Vim Lemon bar has the power of 100 lemons, which allows it to give the fastest degreasing. It washes 3x more dishes compared to ordinary dishwash bars, and is the no. 1 dishwash bar in the world. Therefore it gives you the fastest degreasing and makes your dishwashing chore pleasant and trouble-free!

Product Features

1. Vim has the power of 100 lemons
2. Vim gives you the fastest degreasing
3. The pleasant fragrance of Vim makes your dishwashing task pleasant and trouble-free


Linear Alkyl Sulfonate, Dolomite, Perfume, Lemon Extract.

Usage Directions

Use within 3 years of production.

Goes Well With

Other dishwashing tools such as dishwash sponges, gloves + utensils.

₨36 ₨34

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